Magic Lessons

We provide Magic Lessons to anyone that is interested in learning Magic from the comfort of their own home or office. The Private Lessons are personal and allow for you, whether you are a Child or an Adult, to Master the Art of Magic within a few lessons, beginning with your first lesson.

The cost for a Private Lesson can range from $150 and up for a 30 minute lesson that may possibly include several tricks but the actual cost and number of tricks is based on the type of tricks and skill level that you are interested in learning. 

We recommend starting with Card Tricks since decks of cards can be found in most homes and you will not need “trick cards” or “specially marked cards” in order to perform the Magic Tricks that we will teach you. 

Once you have Mastered the Card Tricks, we will recommend lessons on Magic Tricks using common items that can be found around a home or office such as coins, dollar bills, paper, pens and jewelry. We can teach you how to make a coin appear or make it disappear into thin air, or how to make a playing card appear and disappear. 

We can teach you how to borrow a quarter and a cigarette and make the cigarette pass through the center of a borrowed quarter, then ignite the cigarette and take a few puffs off of it to show your friends that the cigarette has infact passed through the quarter and is lit. Once your friends have been startled enough, you slowly pull the cigarette through the quarter and pass the quarter and cigarette out to your friends so they can inspect them at the end of your unbelievable act!

How about you learning how to borrow a paper napkin that is handed to you, you crumple it into a ball and lay it on your open palm of the hand, then with your other hand, you make some gestures and whisper some Magic Words when all of a sudden the paper napkin starts levitating up from your palm and floats within one to two feet from your hand. You waive your hands all around the floating napkin to show that there are no strings attached making the napkin. After several minutes of this truly amazing act, you command the napkin to float back onto your palm. You take the napkin, open it up completely and pass it around for your friends to inspect. There is no limit to what we can teach you during the Private Lessons and we promise you that it will be worth every penny of what you pay for the lesson since you will be able to Amaze and Mystify your Family, Friends, Dates and Co-workers alike.